Your Go-To Guide For Viral Trends

Your Go-To Guide For Viral Trends

To follow a viral trend is like riding a massive interaction wave. There is a lot of traction in a short period of time that makes a piece of content viral on the internet. If you use viral knowledge and concepts, it could potentially benefit you severely. Know what is trending, what is not, and when it has stopped.

When it comes to figuring out what content is going viral, you will either have it bombard your own timeline, or there are other ways to figure out which hashtags are taking flight. Twitter actually has a section where you can see which hashtags are trending currently. If it is trending on twitter, it is most likely trending on all of the other social media platforms.

Understand When It Is No Longer Trending
If it is no longer trending, do not waste your time. If it was once viral, but not on fire anymore, it isn’t useful to you. When it isn’t trending anymore, the users will stop sharing and engaging because it is old news. Hop on the wave, don’t try to make it form again.

Move Quickly
If you find viral content and believe that it is a good fit for your brand or your social media accounts, act fast. Viral content is very time sensitive. It’s better to get the content and post it while it’s hot.

Don’t Force Action
If you want to post it, do so and you’ll likely get interaction, but do not post it multiple times because you’re forcing action. If you do this then you’ll just choke and annoy your users. Post it once and you’ll probably reach some success out of it. If there’s no traction, that’s okay, look for the next trend.