What You Need To Know Before You Start Your Social Media Contest

What You Need To Know Before You Start Your Social Media Contest

Social media contests are totally beneficial to your brand. The ability to run a contest is definitely one of the serious advantages of having social medias. Social media is all about keeping an appearance but promotions are definitely an important part of running your accounts. We have some tips and tricks for your next social media contest.

Set A Goal
When running a social media contest, it is important to set your goals. Are you looking for sales? Are you primarily looking for more reach? More brand awareness? Which of these are most important to you?

Be Inventive
Be very creative with your contests. Come up with new weird ways to grab your clients. If it is a giveaway, promote interaction between the users. A contest is meant to stir and circulate your crowd while also reaching new users.

Use All Of Your Channels
People usually think that the right idea is to keep the contest on one social media account, but that is not the case. When running a contest, it is important to use all of your social media avenues during a specific contest. Do not limit yourself to one social media platform.

Don’t Let It Last Too Long
When running the contest, you have to time it properly. Do not run it for too little of time, but absolutely do not let it drag out. People won’t participate and will get annoyed and anxious waiting on the conclusion of a contest. Pay attention to it and be mindful of the timing.

Track Your Numbers
Take dictation. Track and record your analytics of your reach for future contests you want to run campaigns on. Pay attention to conversions, clickthrough rates, reach, and sales.