What The Heck Is A GIF Anyways?

What The Heck Is A GIF Anyways?

Are you in search of the new trends? Do you need something new to spice up your social media? The power of the GIF is real. Pictures and videos are always shared more often. What if you could make a video out of a picture? That is what a GIF is. There are plenty of GIFS over the internet that you can use, but if you prefer to make your own, you can do that too! GIFs have a purpose of expressing an energy or emotion in a very quick way. A GIF is a quick, soundless, animated loop that can be the cherry on top of an excellent article or a gem caption.

Why You Should Use GIFs

Well, because GIFs are trending. If a reader/user sees you using one through social media, you are cool. If the user hasn’t seen a GIF before then you’ve just blown their mind. GIFs are totally sharable and your message can be expressed quickly and they convey emotions better than text or picture alone.

How To Create Your GIFS

This is way easier than you probably think. Making a GIF is simple, and plenty of websites will help you do it for free. There is Boomerang and GIPHY Maker. These are the two sites that I highly recommend for your GIF creation.

GIF Ettiquette

So, when using GIFs, get creative with it. It doesn’t always have to be related to your brand…

See what I did there.
Other times, you can use a GIF for your brand, by promoting products and such. All the brands are doing it… lol. Happy GIF making! Enjoy this latest trend.