Unexpected Ways To Use Pinterest

Unexpected Ways To Use Pinterest

As we’ve said in previous posts, Pinterest is highly underrated. There are several ways that you can use Pinterest to your advantage. We have a couple of ideas that may save your life and your brand.

Finding A Job
If you are looking to find a job and you need inspiration on what you want to do, or if you need a resume and cover letter guidance, Pinterest has your back. If you just type in the search bar resume or cover letter, a list of templates will come up. This is very helpful for anyone who needs a new resume or their first!

New Skills
Pinterest is excellent for gaining new skills and new ideas. Pinterest is all about inspiration. When it comes to tutorials and new classes on different skills, there are courses for just about everything on Pinterest. You should probably research on Pinterest before you do on youtube, just because the search is more narrowed on Pinterest and perhaps more tailored to your needs.

Show Off Your Business And Recruit
Like every social media, Pinterest is great for branding and making the interaction more social. Showcase your office culture and people will either reach out to be a part of your team or reach out for business offers.

Run A Contest
Running game is an excellent way to campaign through Pinterest and social media, but. . . ESPECIALLY on Pinterest. If there is something, you’ll notice the majority of users on Pinterest are very interactive, and they have a lot of interaction through contests. Games in any form actually, depending on your brand. Get creative with it!