Twitter Terms For Dummies

Twitter Terms For Dummies

If you are new to twitter, welcome to the party, you’re fashionably late, but that’s okay. Twitter can be a little confusing at first, and we’re here to explain what you need to know. You must know what all of the features are before you can properly manage your account.

Let’s start with the obvious. Think of a tweet like a status or an update. A tweet consists of 140 characters, and you can add pictures to it. This tweet would show up publicly unless you protected your tweets. We do not suggest protecting your tweets if you would like to gain a following. Protected Twitter accounts prevent retweets from happening which leads us to our next subject. . .

Retweets are the heart and soul of Twitter. Whether it is you retweeting someone or someone retweeting you, retweets are what make the twitter dream work. For more impressions, retweets are you best friend. If your tweets are interesting and impressionable, people will spread the word through retweets. It is a button that acts as a “share” if you will. This is an icon button that you will see in the bottom center of a tweet.

A twitter feed is like a Facebook timeline. It will show you trending content as well as content (tweets) posted by people you are following. The feed is imperative, but it is self-explanatory.

Your Twitter handle is your account name. This is where you would be tagged at @DealMyBrand for example. This is what people will address you as, so choose wisely. Twitter handles can be changed but if you can, maintain the same twitter handle as long as possible. Consistency is key.

A twitter mention is an act of tagging someone in a piece of content or interacting. This is what makes the experience a social one. The more mentioning and being mentioned, the better. Interaction helps spread the word wider than if you were just posting content alone.

Direct Message:
Direct message or DM is you will, is a privately sent message through your inbox. What doesn’t social media have a messaging feature? The direct messaging feature is essential.

Last but not least, the infamous hashtag. The hashtag is what mainly grew Twitter into what it’s today. History was made with the hashtag, and other social medias now use it. The hashtag is a way to put your post on the map when your hashtag is searched.Hashtags are used to keep an update of what is going viral or trending. It is suggested to use a trending hashtag as much as possible, better yet, create one.