The BIGGEST Social Media Marketing Myths

The BIGGEST Social Media Marketing Myths

Just because you know how to manoeuvre social media, doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to market through social media. There will know it alls and people who spread rumors of fake necessities and social media sins. Nevermind them; we’ve got the major social media marketing myths.

You’re Not Allowed To Delete Anything

When it comes to posts on your socials, you are allowed to delete posts that just aren’t making movement anymore. Why would you want your page cluttered anyways? Its called a cleaning spree. Keep the posts that have done a lot of traction. If it isn’t serving a purpose anymore or wasn’t responded to… delete.

You Need To Be Active On Every Platform

Not necessarily. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Depending on the social media management, you might not be able to post on all of these platforms sufficiently. If this is the case, then you simply don’t have the time. Also, it just isn’t necessary. Start yourself off with facebook and twitter, then expand.

That It Is Too Late To Learn Social Media

Is it too late to find out how to dial on a cellphone? This is very comparative. It is never too late to learn social media. It is important and pretty essential these days. Better late than never for this one. If you still do not know all of the functionalities of social media, you’re not a lost cause. There will never be an expiration date on learning social media.

Social Media Is Separate From Your Marketing Strategy

This one is utterly absurd. In no way is this factual. Marketing is marketing, and social media marketing is just a branch on your marketing tree. When speaking of a business’ marketing, social media should always be included in the conversation. Not only is it the most accessible part of commercialization, but it can also intertwine with the other sides of your marketing. If you put your strand your social medias on their marketing Island, the two countries will fail.