Social Media Trends To Kick Off The New Year

Social Media Trends To Kick Off The New Year

New social media features sometimes get a buzz right away sometimes we resist them. Whether you accept them immediately or it takes you some time getting used to them, ready or not, here they come. These are the social media trends that are kicking off the new year.

Live Streaming

It hit us out of left field, we had no idea it was coming. Live streaming has changed the social media game over night. Facebook was the first to give us the ability to live stream over a social media outlet and Instagram followed. You already have your following (your brand) established, you don’t have to start a new account or switch your followers over to another site that is launching with this capability. The possibilities are endless. Livestream is being used for promotions, sharing live events, tutorials, hosting interviews, behind the scenes looks, or for no purpose at all. Livestream has extreme promotional value and it caught like wild fire. It is very interactive, it helps the host and the participants have a more fluent and better understanding of both sides.

Instagram Stories


This new feature for Instagram was widely resisted among snapchat users. Not everyone hopped on the bandwagon right away. Instagram incorporated a video feature that is almost identical to snapchat stories. It is convenient. It funnels two actions into one social media outlet, who wouldn’t just delete snapchat? A lot of people didn’t. Although people are starting to utilize this tool more, it doesn’t mean that they are deleting the snapchat app. It grabbed everyone’s attention and we’re starting to see the purpose for this. One of those purposes is that most people have more of a following on Instagram opposed to snapchat so their "stories" are perhaps more accessible or viewed through Instagram. Aside from the resistance, it is predicted that Instagram stories will be more widely used in 2017.

Facebook Slideshow Ads


Facebook has had Ad campaigns and post boosting capabilities, but now they came up with a more creative way to promote your business. Within your ad manager account, it will give you a couple options as far as how you would like to present your ad. They added a slideshow capability. This is intriguing and gives more room to add more content to your ad. This is one of the trends that caught like wildfire. Whether it be a business or an individual, it works equally as well for either side of the spectrum. This a social media trend taking the new year by storm.

Messaging Apps

Why are messaging apps important? There are several reasons why messaging apps are now essential for communication in business as well as personal. They are free and make communication blocks a thing of the past. Personalized chats conversations, video and audio capabilities, and accessibility make messaging apps so helpful. If you have friends or business that is outside of your country, this method will change your world. Now your communication can be a one stop shop without any separate phone calls for your tech team in India, or your friend in Germany. Skype, which is widely known, has always been the go to messenger app. Now there are upcoming alternatives that will be more known in 2017 such as, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber.

Videos- All Social Media

Over this past year, videos have absolutely taken the social media sectors by storm! There is interesting blog content, but there is a serious amount of viral video content. This hype will also follow into 2017. If you have a blog, a business, or a brand you are trying to promote, videos are a must! Videos are so much easier to promote opposed to images and articles. The majority post reactions occur on videos. If you haven’t started already, get used to making videos! Your social medias will thank you.

These are the social media trends we know of thus far, if you have any trends that we didn’t cover, please share in the comment section!