Social Media & Politics

We all see the news and know that elections are coming. Here in Florida our primary is just a month away in March. The road signs are out, commercials on TV, debates being held, and social media is blowing up. Everyone posts their ideas, their favorite candidate, and more. But have we as voters thought about how much social media actually does play into a campaign and an election?

During debates reactions and favorite candidate quotes can be found streaming on Twitter. Memes are created to express people’s feelings. Social media has brought us into a whole new digital revolution when it comes to politics, especially when it comes to the fact that no one can really control what’s being posted out there. The most minor of things could become viral. What do you think of social media’s place when it comes to poltics? 

Moving forward in coming years, the candidates that will win the elections will be the ones that take social media by storm. Sooner or later no one will really be able to hide from it. Look at the Donald Trump and Bernie Saunders groups; without social media their campaigns just wouldn’t be the same or nearly as popular.