Reasons Why Your Facebook May Be Failing And How To Fix Them

Reasons Why Your Facebook May Be Failing And How To Fix Them

For whatever reason, your Facebook may not be doing so well. Your failure can be fixed as soon as you figure out what the issue is.

Lack Of Content
Content is EVERYTHING. How can someone eat without food? Without content you have nothing. The content you post also must be engaging. If your content is bland without personality, you with fail royally. People should also be able to rely on you posting. Create a regimen for your content creation and posting. If you go ghost on your followers, you will lose them.

Not Ask Questions
When posting, ask your followers questions. Get the people interacting. If it isn’t a forum then it will fail. Create a community of issues and answers to keep the page flowing with plenty of movement.

Only Talking About Yourself
Have you ever been on a nightmare first date where the other person just goes on and on and on about their accomplishments and what they were like in high school? It is annoying and unattractive. If you’re only talking about yourself (your brand), your followers with yawn and leave. Post content and talk about things that are related to you but not yourself all the time.

You’re Just Another Brick In The Wall
If none of these preceding reasons is your issue, then you must be antisocial over your page. Interaction is so important. Nobody likes talking to a wall. Reply to your followers immediately and engage in conversation.