Mark  Zuckerberg Speaks Out On Fake News Influencing The Election

Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out On Fake News Influencing The Election

This past election had every American gripping their seats. We rely on social media for a lot of things such as communication with our loved ones, entertainment, and sometimes news. Social media filters through the news and spreads the highlights of debates, and updates around the world. Through Facebook, or any social media. We are usually only seeing half of the content shared in the press.

There has been a lot of fingers pointed in the face of Facebook. Some people even blame Facebook for the results of the election. Is that absurd? It isn’t too far fetched seeing as there was so much news circulating the web, especially Facebook. To scroll down your timeline in 2016 mean that you would be horrified by each candidate’s behavior in some fashion.

Half of the news being posted on Facebook was allegedly fake news.The media hasn’t always been crystal clear; there’s no secret here, so how is Facebook responsible for the content its users are posting and promoting? This is the exact question Mark Zuckerberg had. He spoke out and stated that “99% of facebook’s content is authentic.” This statement was also a little far fetched and people weren’t buying it.

Mark spoke out apologetically and promised to counteract the fake news, but he also stated that Facebook isn’t a news company. He’s right; Facebook isn’t a news company. His argument is valid from that sheer fact. This year a lot of American’s struggled with picking between the two candidates, people have been looking for excuses everywhere. Zuckerberg pled innocent, and we should probably just let it go. Facebook is its entity, and we decided what was posted. The fake news might have swayed the vote, but Facebook isn’t to blame for the entire election.