How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business

How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business

We’ve been mentioning the importance of live streaming video through social media platforms. It is the latest in web marketing. Since it is more interactive and real-time, live streaming is great when it comes to brand awareness and interaction. Interaction brings sales.

So If you haven’t read any of our other posts about live streaming, or you’re living under a rock and do not know what it is, Facebook has now given us the ability to broadcast live on our pages. Real-time live video from you to other users is now possible. It is crazy if you think about it. We now have the ability to broadcast how radios and talk shows do. . . in our living room. All you have to do is press the “Live” button, and you are up and running for all of the facebooks

Let’s get to business

The reason why marketers are freaking out over a live video is that of the potential that lies within the statistics. Videos have always had more interaction through social media, but live video is taking the cake. People comment ten times more on Facebook live videos than regular videos. 1 in 5 users watches Facebook live. The average time people spend on live Facebook videos is three times the amount people watch daily videos. There are several ways to market your brand/business through these live videos. As for suggestions. . .

If your business is a product or a service, post live and demonstrate your process.

Host a Q&A answering any and all questions about your brand or business. A Q&A will get the interaction flowing and be ideal for your following.

– Run Contest
This could work any way you want it to depending on your brand. The idea is pretty self-explanatory, use your imagination to fill in the blanks.