How To Send A Professional DM

How To Send A Professional DM

Social media was built for interaction. There is some anxiety when it comes to messaging someone online professionally, but lucky for you, you’re just using your platform for what it was meant to do. Social media is intended to be social. When approaching someone with a business opportunity, you must keep it professional. This is your guide.

Keep it short
Understand that the shorter and straight to the point your message is, the easier it is for the user to read it and stay engaged. It is proven that readers engage with shorter messages better than longer because you do not lose their attention and you have more of a possibility for engagement.

No room for errors
Make sure that you are grammatically correct and there aren’t any typos. Typos are extremely unprofessional. Think of a direct message as a shorter and more convenient email. No room for errors.

Be clear when presenting your message. Get straight to the point. The more clear you are, the fewer steps that the reader has to take and the fewer questions they have to reply. This is ideal for a professional DM. Do you best to answer any potential questions the reader might have up front?

Call to action
Leave the DM with a call to action. “Reply if your interested” “Reach me at _____ if you are interested”. You have to give them a call to action to get a reaction.