Easy Steps To Optimize Your Facebook Page For Business

Easy Steps To Optimize Your Facebook Page For Business

Having a personal facebook page, and having a business facebook page, are two completely different stories. When you have a business facebook page, there is no doubt that it should absolutely be optimized to fit the business. These are a few easy and essential steps you should take to launch your business facebook page.

Customize Your URL

You do not have to settle for the complicated url that facebook serves you. Go under you facebook page setting and edit your vanity url. We suggest making it your business name so the search through google is easier for customers to find you.

Choose The Right Name

When it comes to your business facebook, it is essential that you choose the right business name. We suggest once again, it should be your actual business name. We can not stress this enough, do not change your name after you choose. Your audience will get confused. Stick to what you pick.


Fill out your Bio/About Me section and explain your business clearly and the services you offer, as well as what you represent. Do not forget to add your phone number and your email as well. When it comes to the visuals, your cover photo and profile picture must look cohesive. They should have your logo displayed. Preferably your profile picture will display your logo.


When posting on your facebook page, do not forget to add keywords related to your niche throughout your content. Depending on your niche, the proper keywords for your business could vary. Upon you research, just make sure you add them where you feel it is necessary.