Deal My Brand 4 Main Benefits

We created DealMyBrand with 4 Main Benefits

  1. A platform that gives a distraction free space to organize and create content.  Social Media platfroms can be so distraction with information overload that is hard to concentrate on the most important function, which is to create engaging content.  Many of our clients are highly specialized in their fields and have valuable content to share if they did not become disenchanted with trying to stay involved in social media. Once that content is created, we needed an easy and efficient way to get to the right place.
  2. Our drag and drop dashboard combined with scheduled post solved the problem for our most inexperienced to heaviest social media users.
  3. When you send out content, it is important to reply to anyone that takes the time to comment.  Click on the social media icon in your dashboard and you will see all of your post as well as the responses.  You can reply directly from the dashboard.
  4. Being Organized- Once you get being managing a few social media accounts and/or clients, it becomes very difficult to stay organized.  Check our deck system to keep everything organized

When you have the time, go to your individual social media accounts have fun catching up on all the action.  In the meantime, keep sharing your thoughts, opinions, and insight with the rest of us.  You will be surprised how many people really want to know and appreciate what you have to share.