5 Steps For Creating Clickable Content

5 Steps For Creating Clickable Content

Just start this off on the right foot, we are not talking about “clickbait.” Clickbait is a marketing strategy that works and also sometimes doesn’t. Clickbait is pretty much in the word itself. It is baiting someone to click on your content. Anyways, a good piece of quality content will get more traffic than several click bait articles combined! There are just five easy steps. . .

Tailor Specifically To Your Audience

After you’ve figured out who is paying attention to your page the most, or maybe you would like to gain a new kind of audience, either way, you need to tailor your content to your audience. Each audience responds differently to particular types of content. These are real people, real readers, a real audience, that will choose to click and read your content. Build your content especially for them.

Speak Directly To The Reader

There are minor details that will make all the difference in your content. Statistics have shown that the more direct you are speaking to your audience, the more likely they will read it. When talking to the reader, you should use the words “You” and “You’re.” Make them feel as though you are talking directly to them and that what you’re saying applies to them.

Make Them Curious

NOT in the way of clickbait, but peaking their interest. In the headline state the fact that they probably didn’t know or perhaps ask a question. Make them interested in clicking on the content. Make the headline and the intro something that is enticing but also explaining what the content is about at the same time.

Simple Language

When producing blog content, understand that the majority of people scan through any and all content on the internet. So when creating content, you must speak firm and direct, or you will lose the reader. Using clear and simple language is the best way to grab a reader’s attention and make them stay.

A Call To Action

NEVER forget your call to action. At the end of your content, or on your shared status, direct your audience somewhere. “Share This If You. . .” “If You Enjoyed This, Then. . .” If you don’t leave a call to action, then your content is somewhat pointless. You need the user to spread the word and share the message. This is how you make content viral. Another point that must be done is make your content shareable. So when posting to blogs, make sure that they have that option ready and easily accessible.