3 Steps For More Traffic After Google’s Mobile Update

3 Steps For More Traffic After Google’s Mobile Update

Google has made themselves more mobile friendly over the past year. The mobility has made some serious changes in Google’s algorithm. If you do not know how to maneuver through it, then you could fail miserably. If you have the needed knowledge, then you can excel in this and make a serious killing.

Everything is going mobile nowadays. You can sign documents, listen to music, and now Google more efficiently all through your phone. This is the future, and we’re not surprised that Google is taking full advantage of it.

Step 1
Create a responsive design for your website. In the past, users would have to be redirected to a mobile site to view on their phones. This was a nightmare because the content wouldn’t be updated from one site to the other often. What you have to do is make your website responsive for this adapting through Google.

Step 2
Speed up your site. Increasing your site speed is needed to keep up and adjust to 4g capabilities. Think about mobile speed. Cleaning up your code is also another great way to improve your site. Use Google page speed to see how fast your site is.

Step 3
Make these changes as soon as possible. It is crucial for your website traffic. You have to adapt to Google because it is the most used search engine and times are changing. Like we said earlier on, just about everyone is using their phones more than their computers. Set a goal time and make it a top priority if you haven’t made these changes yet.