Color Psychology And How It Affects Your Brand

Color Psychology And How It Affects Your Brand

Colors affect your brain and also change your brand. Different colors bring out certain emotions, and people respond differently to each color. When branding your business, as we’ve said before, visuals are 80% of everything. Visually stimulating logos and graphics could totally sway the user to engage if they didn’t plan on it. Marketing and branding are totally a psychology study. What do people respond to? Why? Why do people deal with blue shades more often than red and yellow more often than any? Well, we’re here to tell you what emotions are brought out from each color, be sure to use this information when creating your visuals.

Yellow- This color is psychologically the happiest color on the pallet. This represents happiness, energy, warmth, and optimism. This color is very energetic. Yellow is most often used related to the subjects of children and seniors.

Blue- The color blue represents a pure and loyal color. Blue is used to portray a brand as dependable and secure. We suggest using this as a color for authority.

Green- Nature, balance, and healing is what green represents. Green has a very strong psychological influence. Green also represents freshness and cleanliness. Hospitals and medical companies have associated green with their brand and so have restaurants because green represents organic and sterile.

Purple- Luxury and royalty have always been associated with the color purple. Purple has always been held high in nobility. Purple is rarely found in nature and is related to mystery and creativity as well as enchantment.

Pink- People interpret pink with delicateness and innocence. It is identified as a feminine color.

Red- War, passion, love, anger, power, and desire are some of the traits associated with red. It is an intense color with high visibility and is used to grab a user’s attention.

Orange- Orange has it’s own brand of appeal. People associate it with warmth, but it is also bold. Orange brings comfort, joy, and friendliness. Many restaurants use orange because it is said to increase your appetite.

Black- Black is interpreted with elegance and authority. Wisdom and intelligence are what most people gather from this color and also a mystery.